Saturday, April 25, 2009

Buying Black: An Ebony Experiment X Black folks spending their money in black owned businesses only.


So Where do i start...? Well I've been writing, recording and reading! WRITING got me a potential placement on a heavy weights project who shall remain nameless. For this and so many other reasons GOD I'm Grateful... RECORDING new songs each week. Amazing songs might I add, but I'll let you be the judge of that! LOWKEY is my favorite new producer... He produced many of the records loved by the growing fan base I have. Look out for "WEATHERMAN"!!!! The newest concoction put together by the dynamic duo (lowkey & Myself). READING 2 books a month now. I've grown a deeper thirst for knowledge than ever these past couple of months... I'm really discovering how beautiful life is! It's as if i don't want to miss a thing. One of my purposes in life is to possess as much information as i can while I can. "Everyone knows, yet we all know nothing." So this months book's are The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra (AMAZING!!) which I've completed and moved on to The Men Behind Def Jam: The Radical Rise of Russell Simmons And Rick Rubin. I'll give my review on that one upon completion. Finally... Finally!!! settled on the label I'm going with this month... I know It's been hell getting to this point... But they say "when you're going through hell keep going." Well I'm gone until the next post people... Just wanted to touch base with everyone who takes the time out to read what I am writing. By the way the picture above is a still from Kanyes new video for Amazing feat. Young Jeezy. My favorite video by far this week! 2 times for Mr. West for another fresh video. HIPHOP CONTINUES ON... GOD BLESS