Monday, November 30, 2009


Download "My Brother": HERE

“This song is dedicated to the fight for peace in the communities strongly affected by gang violence, racism, school shootings, etc. It is my hopes that myself [GhostWridah] along with Smitty of Interscope Records and Miami Beat Wave (Producer’s of the song) can play (at least) a small role in creating awareness of this ongoing problem. I created records like dying to survive, and my brother to not fall out out line with music that promotes murder, and negativity to show that good music can be made without compromising our communities and youth.

They follow us [hip-hop artist] and look up to us. We have a responsibility to the youth of tomorrow and we have thee absolute largest outlet in America, music. I, by no means am innocent in this matter. Before growing into the person God allowed me to be, which is myself I once made music that provided negative images of my culture because I felt that was the necessary criteria for a rap artist. Now I understand fully and
here is the proof. Ladies and gentlemen, My brother.” - GhostWridah

This is the lead single off of Miami Beat waves [The Launch] Compilation... Which features Rick Ross, Dynas and more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UNDERCOVER x Last Orgy 2 x NOWHERE x A Bathing Ape Skullsta

These are kind of dope... What do you think?

Re Post: Space Jam [Elevens]

These drop (again) next month. Merry Christmas to meeeee!!!

New Sade Album | Soldier Of Love (Feb 8 2010)

Wow I'm super exited about this album!!! Sade is 50 years old and still touring, recording and shocking the world. This is only her 6th studio album. I pray to have this type of longevity throughout the course of my career.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sooo Dope!!!! History of the Air Jordan 1 to 2009 – Red/White Collection

I'm going crazy inside at the thought of having this in my home! ONE DAY SOON PEOPLE... ONE DAY SOON! (Via: Sneakernews)

Dope Ass Photograph of...

Art+photography+music+fashion+Cinnamon.toast.crunch= Guilty pleasures

Billionaire Boys Club Hunting Crewneck Sweatshirt

The right scarf and kicks with this and you got yourself a good evening. (Via: BBCicecream)

Mishka Holiday 2009 Collection Lookbook

This is my favorite look page from this lookbook. All three outfits are dope! (Via: Mishka)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Create Your Adicolor

Super Dope Adidas ad campaign!
(Via: Fubiz)

A Bathing Ape “Black Friday” Full-Zip Shark Hoodie

Dope Ass hoodie... All Black Everything!
(Via: BapeUS)

Supreme x Vans 106

Later this week, Supreme and Vans will release their latest collaboration based on the 106 model. With a total of four shoes, two styles are seen in camouflage while two others are seen in suede. Each style also includes leather lining and insoles. The shoes release in-store and online on November 27th with a Japanese release slated for November 28th. (Via: Hypebeast)

Brooklyn Circus Holiday 2009 Varsity Jackets

I'm really into varsity jackets and these Brooklyn Circus Jackets are meeaann! The orange is my favorite of the two but I wouldn't mind them both. I'd crush the black jacket with my purple sb blazers (below)

Via: TheBkCircus

Re post: Nike Terminator High Supreme sneakers

Spotted these on Upscale today. Has to re post them. Love these joints. ($220)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn. ~David Russell

Figure this out before you deal with ANYONE. It will definitely save you the trouble of BAD EXPERIENCE.

WOW!!! Nike Challenge Court Varsity Jacket

This jacket is super hard!!! it's 450.00 but that's a price well worth it!

Via: Nike

Mint-delicious Air Jordan Spiz’ike (Womens)

I don't give a damn if they're for ladies. This colorway is incredible!!! Guess the wife will be enjoying a pair of these since they won't be making them in mens sizes. Damn this sneaker made my day!

Via: Sneakernews

Bape NY/LA Shop Color Tiger Hoodie

Dropping this week In NYC & LA. I need one of these. Dopetastic!

Via: Bape

Leica M7 Hermès Edition

Leica has today announced a very special limited edition of its classic 35mm rangefinder system camera: the Leica M7 Edition Hermès. As the successor to the Leica MP Edition Hermès launched in 2003, this is the second series of cameras created in co-operation with Hermès, the Paris-based company renowned throughout the world for its exclusive products. The Leica M7 Edition Hermès will be available in the UK from December 2009 and is priced at an impressive 8500 Pounds.

Via: Highsnobiety

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Summer J.A.E. brings the walls down in smash (NYC) at her J.U.S.T. M.E. Gospel Showcase

Summer J.A.E. is an exceptional artist so I wasn't surprising to hear that she stunned the crowd with her amazing voice. I wasn't able to attend but after seeing the video it made me even more sorry that I didn't. Here's a clip of her amazing performance. I am very proud to say she's my wife. Great job queen!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I have been lost in myself. Black days with a bright mind.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Raf Simons Neoprene Leather Sneakers

The Raf Simons brand has a variety of sneaker styles with designs ranging from subtle to loud & dramatic. Anyone who has decent shoe collection knows that the most valuable pair of shoes are those that have a versatile design because they are more reliable and they can be worn frequently. At no expense to elegance, the Raf Simons Neoprene Leather sneakers ($785) fit the bill when it comes to versatile shoes. These sneakers feature neoprene (synthetic rubber), fine leather, a top strap, and a nice color scheme allowing flexibility.

These are Incredible. Wow!

Air Jordan VI (6) Retro – White x Black

Oh boy!!!!!

Billionaire Boys Club Black 'So Ambitious' Blueprint 3 T-Shirt

Damn I love these Tee's! This record is one of my favorites on the Blueprint 3 album because of it's message. "The motivation for me, Was them telling me what I could not be.. Oh well" "Fuck yall!"

Via: BBC

Puma x Kidrobot “Munny” Charity Project

Puma and Kidrobot have worked together with the Design Association NPO on the “Munny” Charity Project. Working with the Green and Africa theme and having in mind the 2010 soccer worldcup in South Africa, Puma and Kidrobot invited 40 artists and architects to work on their Munny toy. The final toys will be shown at the Tokyo Design Week and there will of course also be a charity auction held. The outcome is very impressive and certainly among the most creative in terms of toy customization we have seen to date.

Via: Openers

Casio x Mackdaddy “Mack Boyz Watch”

"Casio worked with Japanese brand Mackdaddy on a digital watch. The Mack Boyz Watch comes in a green/purple colorway with red accents on the buttons. Mackdaddy is written on th strap and their logo has been placed on the display in the form of a backlight. The watch will be released on November 20th."

This is a dope watch. More like a spring watch if you ask me. Wouldn't do this for the winter. Crazy though.

Via: HighSnobiety


That is all they deserve.