Monday, August 31, 2009

Video: Jay-Z Rhapsody Ad

This is simply amazing! Jay really hasn't lost a step. If anything he's gotten better! I must say it's very inspiring to see him go in as hard as he's going... Wow! Incredible... Simply Incredible!!!!!


I'm in extreme disgust about this album being leaked! I don't believe anyones hard work should be stolen from the them. This is something I didn't see coming in spite of the recent BPIII leaks. The internet has become the devil in a sense. A gift and a curse (no pun intended). I am close friends with some major site owners and I expressed to them that putting up any leaks of this album would be in bad taste of your site and it's integrity. September 11th I will be on itunes making my purchase to show my appreciation for this music we call "Hip Hop!" Tho I am just as exited to hear this album as the next man and will admit that I have listened to it, As I said I will make my iTunes purchase regardless. Just my thoughts... God bless

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 2010 Bentley Mulsanne

Friday, August 28, 2009

New [Ice Cream] Freestyle By Me

I went in on this one! "Hardly in the nightlife clubs I don't see those, It's probably cause I'm busy getting chips like fritos"

Download: Here

Rhythm Footwear Baguette High Top Sneaker

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Monday, August 24, 2009

SUMMER J.A.E. - Gospel Truth Write Up!

Summer Jae get's a great write up on Click To read!

Click here: Da Gospel Truth

Word water.


Die young stay pretty 88

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Velocita LX... SuperDope!

These are damn dope! I need these asap! Gotta go see my man max to locate their where-abouts!

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The Nixon Ceramic 51-30 Watch... This watch is incredible!!!

The Nixon Ceramic 51-30 watch (2,400) is truly a must have. It’s detailed with a custom 3oom solid ceramic body with a SS skeleton, external rotating ceramic bezel with countdown timer, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, custom numbered hardened mineral crystal caseback window and screw crown. This watch is gorgeous and I’m not even sure you can say that about a watch. Nixon also has a smaller sized version the 42-20 available for ($2000).

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Friday, August 21, 2009

So the mixtape did well...

So we're almost at 1,000 downloads and I can't say it enough, Thank you!To every single person who took 60 seconds out of their schedule and click download I appreciate you. I checked every single comment and I'm proud to say I had one hater out of hundreds of supporters!!!! Thanks little guy, you're greatly appreciate as well lol! Anyway it's on to the next project... "Our work is never done" NEVER!!! "In Love With My Future" is on the way. I have to say that this project is going to be one of the best things to EVER come out of florida! No arrogance, Just honesty! Hope you feel the same. Celebrate lyfe is the first single off the project which appeared on "305s & Heartbreak" as a bonus track and made as the [Heater of the day]! Listen out for that song on the radio soon as well as a video directed by myself and Julian Diaz... Great guy by the way! So I'm gone people... God bless and again thank you for your support... I will never let you nor myself down!




Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nike SB Gold Leaf Blazer

One word... Sick.


Ok so Summer J.A.E. has one of the dopest sounds I've heard from a gospel artist. Granted you have your Mary Marys and your Yolanda Adams who are all amazing artist but just seeing summer transition from alternative/r&b to the gospel world and yet still have have the feel of good R&b while talking about God to me is Incredible. She going to do great things. So If you like music, follow her career, especially if you like [New Age] Gospel... Check out her new single "You Are Able" Produced by Mike Snoddy & Recorded by Miami Beat Wave @ MBW Studios. Great work baby!

DOWNLOAD: You Are Able

J.U.S.T. M.E. Album Coming Soon...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am Extremely proud of this project. Shout to, Summer JAE, Lowkey, Miami Beat Wave & Shifta and anyone else who played a roll in making this project a success! It's amazing how many downloads this cd got in a couple of hrs! I appreciate the growing fan base I have and I want yall to know that I'll always make the best music I know how to insure that you guys are happy! Real Words.... - GW

Download: Here

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Finally Here... 305s & Heartbreak x Celebrate Lyfe

So I released a song from the 305s & Heartbreak mixtape along with the artwork which I am in love with and Overall it went well. I had the internet going nuts! (Shout to my big bro paul wall for that one lol) The song I leaked is titled "Celebrate Lyfe" which originally was and still is for the album "In Love With My Future" which I have to say is coming together nicely! LowKey along with chip William's (MBW) are the only two producers on the album so far and it looks like LowKey's going to end up doing the majority of the project... So back to 305s... The mixtape is phenomenal! 12 solid tracks of what I consider my heartbreaks. I did this project understanding that a lot of hip-hopers didn't take to the 808s album to well for various reasons... Some thought kanye didn't perform well as a singer, some thought it was too soft. Whatever the reason may be I thought it was a bold step for Ye to even attempt such an out of the box sound as a hip-hop artist. I also thought it was a giant step for hip-hop period. So I too took a bold step and did my best to recreate those records and in my own way. I said "fcuk it let me try." Let me flip an album that many criticized and see if I could get them to like what I did... SUCCESS! Some who shall remain nameless thought I was buggin out for wanting to redo such an album... Guess what tho, the fans think differently! We did something good for the city of miami, for the state of Florida, for the kids who want to rap about subject matter not involving selling dope, or murdering someone (we don't believe you) but otherwise wouldn't in fear of backlash from their peers! I did this for many reasons, hope one of those reasons makes an impact on someones life... Real Words!

Thank yous:

The mixing and guitars sound incredible and for this reason Chip/Miami Beat Wave we will forever do business as long as we're growing in the same direction. To LowKey you completely outdid yourself with "Celebrate Lyfe", and "The Exit: My future" track... I don't think you realize how dope you are dude. To Jahrue for the incredible artwork and the faith you have in my music, I greatly appreciate you and all you've done for me brotha! To the Queen B Summer JAE, I love you and what you've become as an artist... Thanks for being apart of this project, your voice is angelic! again to Miami Beat Wave for your contribution on the production side, yall boys went in! To Shifta, thank you for coming thru @ the last minute and taking the song to another level! My brotha Ishan for pushing me to make this happen and being apart of the idea process! and last but not least to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ without you there are NO mixtapes, NO albums, NO me! 305's & Heartbreak 8/13/09. Gone!

Dowload: Celebrate Lyfe

Monday, August 10, 2009

Successful Fail. Unachieved Understanding.

So the 305s & Heartbreak mixtape comes out tomorrow and the team and I have been working daily to make this project a success! I shot a video which also served as a mini commercial for the mixtape which was a first for me considering artist don't generally shoot commercials for mixtapes. That's one of the main reasons I did it by the way... So anyway I spent the majority of my sunday and night working with the editor to make this video a masterpiece on any scale. We were up working at it till 630 am! All of a sudden as I was watching the video come to a close I realized this isn't right... This isn't groundbreaking enough for me... It just seemed "cool" but there are miles between cool and innovative! So after a long day of hard work I scrapped the video a day before the mixtape comes out! I guess I'm not one of those guys who put's things out just to be seen or to say "I have a video"... For me if it's not remarkable then it's not good. Some of my people tell me I aim too high sometimes. Well how will I know how far I can fly if I don't maximize the potential... So here is a video still from what I call my successful Fail & Unachieved Understanding... REAL WORRDS

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beanie Sigel Ft. Freeway x Young Chris - Ready for War

Download Ready For War Freeway Young Chris mp3

Damnnn I been missing this sound! I remember being an avid roc fan and these state prop guys were really good together... This feels reaaaallllly Good! Everyone went in, EVERYBODY!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jay Z's Blueprint 3 Track List

The Rare Vivid Pink Diamond to be sold at Christie’s Auction

Has anyone ever seen a genuine pink diamond before? Well Christie’s in Hong Kong is gearing up to auction off a 5.0 carat rare pink diamond which is being referred to as “The Vivid Pink”. The rare “Vivid Pink” diamond, which is described as flawless, is estimated to sell for $5-7$ million.

Francois Curiel, the international head of Christie’s jewelry department,was quoted saying. “There are pink diamonds and then there are pink diamonds. It is extremely rare for a stone of such top quality to appear on the market with top notes in color, cut, clarity and carat weight. This 5-carat vivid pink gem combines the best of all criteria,”

"I only wish to live life as beautiful as this stone... Real words!"
- G.w.

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Prada’s Temporary Store In Paris

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WOW!!!!!! Ferrari’s New Speedy Roadster!

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Markku Lahdesmaki... Insanely DopE!

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Maestro Knows - Episode 3 (Geoff Rowley) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Dope Episode.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jay Z's Blueprint 3 Album Cover... Insane!

This is superdopE!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

So We Celebrate Lyfe!!!

So the other day Lowkey plays me a beat for the "In love With My Future" Mixtape album we're working on... Mind you we're finishing one Mixtape, 305s & Heartbreak (Which is just me taking what are in my opinion kanyes best beats from 808s & Heartbreak and flipping them to my liking) while starting the next one! So while wrapping up this 305 cd I felt we should throw a song on there from the upcoming project "In Love With My Future" to kind of set the tone for the next project and to give my listers a peak @ what's to come! So we record the song and chip Williams of Miami BeatWave lays a killer guitar down on the record and absolutely take the song to orbit! I wrote this song in pretty melancholy state. There was a lot of things going on in my life & with my family that was kind of eating away at my optimism, but I thought about how much I have to be thankful for and the tough situations God has gotten me through and went in! I played the beat and celebrated those feelings in song... Mentally went back to that state of natural and ongoing happiness and... We got a dope song as an end result! We Must celebrate life and all that we've achieved in our time of living! This thing called life is extremely short and can be taken away at any moment... Why not live as if you knew that moment was coming tomorrow? Celebrate everyday folks & Make sure you download 305s & Heartbreak to hear the bonus track Celebrate L.y.F.e. (Living your future everyday) from "In Love With My Future"

"Every moment of life is worth a celebration. If you have not appreciated life and its precious moments, it is time to do so."

WOW! Buy 1 Pearl 60 Yacht, Get 1 Bentley Free

Most consumers are used to hearing sales promotions such as “buy one stereo system and get another half off” but never have we heard a deal of this scale. In an effort to boost boat sales in these difficult economic times, Pearl Motor Yachts is offering to give away a free Bentley GT Continental Coupe ($179,200) when you buy their Pearl 60 motor yacht ($1,414,700). The Pearl 60 motor yacht has enough room to carry a maximum of 10 people and the twin 775 hp Volvo D12 engines gives the yacht enough juice to reach a top speed of 32 knots. If you’ve been holding off on a yacht because they wouldn’t throw in a free Bentley coupe, well here’s your chance so you better get move on it because the offer last until September 20th.

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Nice! Sperry Topsider Fall 2009 Wool Sneakers

Can't have these without the yacht to go with them. Real Words!

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Bape Fall/Winter 2009 Bapex 2

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In Love.

Air Jordan XI Retro “Space Jam” (Limited Quickstrike Release)
Release Date: 11/27/2009
Color: Black/Varsity Royal-White

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nike SB’s “Today Was a Good Day” (Extended Version)

Featuring Paul Rodriguez, Ice Cube, Kobe Bryant & Eric Koston. Spotted at elitaste.