Saturday, January 26, 2008

Studio Session - The Ruler Is Back

So today we continue recording for "The ruler is back" project. Thats me and super engineer Justin... Hes great on the boards... You see me in that thick as prada scully and a hoodie because It was 28 degrees in new york today, im from dade county... thats arctic to someone from miami. So anyway we got 3 records done today, "long time coming" which has made its way to the intro spot of the album, the ever so controversial "Nigga" interlude which is a treat to listeners of any race, color, or creed as long as you love good music!!!! Then last we did the crowds favorite, headline news, which touches on everyday people who chase fame until it turns around and bites them in the ass... More and more im starting to write every song as if it were a novel, or short film... Every record has a statement, every record has life. and the more i do so the more i realize how there isn't much substance in hip hop these days. It doesnt take much to get a deal... A dance and a chorus and you good money to the labels... but i dont shit on anybody, any man getting money to feed his family is alright with me... So anyway, back to ME... Im stirring up a classic, get your ipods ready... GONE!