Monday, May 18, 2009


So it's been a pretty rough week for your boy. Granted things are going in a positive direction career wise but somehow it never seems good enough until we get things exactly how we want them. Then out of no where those two words sneak up on you and you feel like saying "FUCK IT!" But when I get to this point I just laugh it off and think "who the hell am I'm kidding" You're in so deep that you couldn't say fuck it if you wanted to! I mean don't get it twisted the music business isn't the problem it's the BULLSHIT that comes with it that's is! I was always told this isn't an honest guy's game... and it's just that a game! So the best thing you can do in any game is what? LEARN HOW TO PLAY IT, AND PRACTICE TILL YOU WIN!!!

Then there's your personal life that really and truly becomes non existent once you began to succeed in my field that you must keep alive. The people in your life began to complain about the amount of time you spend on your career and the lack of balance you have. There goes those two words come right back around and you're like man "Fuck IT!" These two words can easily destroy a persons life with the blink of an eye. Be careful how you throw them around because 90 % of the time you don't mean it anyway! I'm learning that emotions aren't always your friend and that saying "FUCK IT" is just as bad or worse than saying "I QUIT." I've been called a lot of things as an adult but a quitter has never been one of them. Then again sometimes we quit on things that aren't for us so letting go becomes the best thing to do. Anyway it's BACK TO THE MUSIC for me but before I go remember... When you feel like saying FUCK IT DON'T!!! PRAY, PUSH AND PROSPER! God bless


Anonymous said...

truely inspiring...and of course your right you know. ¨fuck it¨ is just like saying ¨i quit¨. because when you decide to ¨fuck it¨ all, your sending everything to hell.......the good with the bad. but once you realize that in life the good and the bad always have to come hand in hand you learn to just push through the bad so that the good always reigns.

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