Monday, August 10, 2009

Successful Fail. Unachieved Understanding.

So the 305s & Heartbreak mixtape comes out tomorrow and the team and I have been working daily to make this project a success! I shot a video which also served as a mini commercial for the mixtape which was a first for me considering artist don't generally shoot commercials for mixtapes. That's one of the main reasons I did it by the way... So anyway I spent the majority of my sunday and night working with the editor to make this video a masterpiece on any scale. We were up working at it till 630 am! All of a sudden as I was watching the video come to a close I realized this isn't right... This isn't groundbreaking enough for me... It just seemed "cool" but there are miles between cool and innovative! So after a long day of hard work I scrapped the video a day before the mixtape comes out! I guess I'm not one of those guys who put's things out just to be seen or to say "I have a video"... For me if it's not remarkable then it's not good. Some of my people tell me I aim too high sometimes. Well how will I know how far I can fly if I don't maximize the potential... So here is a video still from what I call my successful Fail & Unachieved Understanding... REAL WORRDS