Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WOW!!! Apple's New Multitouch Magic Mouse

For all our Mac owners out there, Apple has just released the first of its kind, a multitouch mouse dubbed the “Magic Mouse”. This sleek button-less wireless mouse has only a multitouch surface made of hard acrylic covering the top, which allows for multitouch gestures similar to the Macbook trackpad. The multitouch capabilities include one finger multi-directional scrolling, two finger swiping for backwards & fowards navigation, as well as many other customizable features.

Apple’s Magic Mouse has a four month battery life and is available now for a price of ($69). I have to say, the Magic Mouse looks really nice and I can bet money now that it’s been released there’s going to be slew of companies releasing their own multitouch mouse. And the multitouch arms race continues.

Via: UpscaleHype