Sunday, January 25, 2009


So today was a great day in the personal life of Troy "GhostWridah" Jeffery. I'll tell you why in second. First let me say that this is a very personal and touchy subject for me but I finally felt like sharing. As some of you may or may not know growing up my father wasn't around. It was just my mother , my older brother Roy, and myself. We didn't have much but my mother did the best she could to provide for the two kids god blessed her with. She went to school, drove a school bus and did hair on the weekends to make sure we had food to eat and clothes on our back. Mean while my Ol' boy (father) at the time played running back for the 17-o 1972 super bowl champions... The Miami Dolphins. 

I guess it bothered me more because i felt he had the resources to take care of me and never did so. I use to fault him but I no longer do so... He made his choices for a reason, and only himself and GOD know why. My brother (who has a different father) later on went to federal prison for reasons I wont discuss which left me to be the man of the house at an early age. Long story short I my pops was absent from my life as a child and we had a difficult time trying to survive but "momma we made it!"

Well yesterday I got a phone call from my father asking me to come see him. I agreed and today I drove down to go see him. I have to say it was a trip worth taking. My father has grown to become a great guy, or maybe he was a great guy all along and because we never knew each other I never knew it. I found we had so many things in common, our likes and dislike were so consistent it was amazing. Looking at him was like looking in the mirror. Even our gestures were the same. In our conversation, which wasn't the first but felt like it I also found that the more he spoke the less I thought about his absents from my childhood. It was as if all was forgotten. Believe it or not that's all I ever wanted. Just to be able to have MY FATHER to talk to when I need him. 

I got an opportunity to play my music for him for the first time, watch his expression and reactions when I said a dope line. Overall it was a great visit with POPS. He has a lot of great things going on but the most ironic of them all... HE'S RAPPING! That's right i said it... RAPPING. Crazy right? Well before I go I just want to say that this part of my life has been private for a very long time but I felt it was time we became a bit more personal... This is A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A WRIDAH... Buckle up it's going to be a long but fly road! God bless and by the way check out my pops in the Reebok commercial above he's #22 on the grill!